The 1st Virtual Conference on Role of Open Source Solutions in Academic Libraries (ROSSAL) is scheduled to come up with wider view that open source technologies can play a major role in achieving the excellence in providing the better services to its patrons for better academic output in research and learning organizations. Academic Libraries can use the open source software for different purposes such as enhancing library services, training, capacity building program, improving qualitative services and assisting the academic community for better research productivity.

Undoubtedly, the Academic Libraries have put their best efforts and also have been working hard to make themselves relevant and playing a meaningful role to fulfil the vision and mission of the organization/institution. Today, academic libraries are in use of open source technology in many areas such as library automation, digitization, web development, resource sharing etc.

This two days Virtual Conference is being organized during May 26-27, 2018 with the following objectives:

  • To create an opportunity for esteemed and young library professionals to share their experiences as case study, innovative ideas, initiatives taken, innovation in research work and best practices etc.
  • To discuss the methods of using open source solutions for providing best library services to patrons
  • To discuss the process for making library services more efficient and effective using open source technologies
  • To discuss the best open source tools available to support research support services.

Target Audience (Maximum 100)

  • Library and Information Science Professionals
  • Publishers, Information Intermediates and Vendors
  • Knowledge Management Professionals
  • Students of Library and Information Science
  • Other interested in the theme of the conference.